3 Tips for Recovery After a Knee Injury in Ocala FL

3 Tips for Recovery After a Knee Injury in Ocala

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Dr. Pedro Orta shares the most important steps in the aftermath care of a knee injury. Keep reading to find out what this doctor in Ocala reccommends for a quick and easy recovery.

How to Facilitate Healing Following a Knee Injury in Ocala?

If your knee has been injured, it's likely affecting your mobility and causing you pain. Luckily, there are approaches that can accelerate healing and grant you effective knee pain relief. In addition to consulting a medical professional following the injury, the following tips can help.

Undergo Physical Therapy

Physical therapy generally starts with a careful assessment and evaluation of your leg. Your therapist will identify trouble spots and recommend the right treatments to help with knee pain relief and mobility improvement.

Treatment methods might include massages, stretching, and exercises that aid in rebuilding flexibility and strength in the knee. For most people, attending regular physical therapy sessions speeds up recovery.

Perform Appropriate Exercises

Doing certain exercises recommended for your physical therapy treatment plan can strengthen the knee and ward off recurring pain. Although it’s essential to get enough rest after an injury, you need to keep your knee moving to prevent pain resulting from stiffness to the joint.

Your therapist may recommend the following exercises:

  • Bending and extending
  • Leg raises
  • Hamstring curls
  • Step-ups
  • Heel raises
  • Balancing exercises

When you strengthen your leg muscles, stress is reduced on the knee, which promotes knee pain relief. Always keep in mind that the recovery process may seem strenuous, but your doctor or therapist will be there to guide you and oversee your progress.

Wear a Knee Brace

If your doctor prescribes a knee brace, wear one as instructed. This type of support helps avoid further strain on your knee and facilitates healing. It can also relieve pain and assist you in standing and moving around.

There are many kinds of knee braces, such as sleeves, pads, and patellar straps. Your doctor will recommend one that’s suitable for your condition.

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