"I would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone!"

- Omaris C.

"Thank you very much for all your help. I am very thankful that I met you. You’re the one who found out about my gluten intolerance and I appreciate that very much. God bless you."

- Jennifer V.

"Thank you so very, very much for your prayers, love, kindness, encouragement, help and patience over the years in all areas of my life. You were right – I have celiac disease. I am learning a lot and enjoying 5 hours of sleep a night! We pray that this finds you well. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if you ever need anything. Have a joy-filled day serving only Jesus."

- Ginger D.

"I am so excited to see the change in my mind body and soul since getting off sugar, carbs and other medications. I am feeling young at heart. No preservatives, no refined foods, eating healthy. Thank you for all you’ve done. God bless you. It is great to know a Godly office that puts the Lord first and is honest, sincere and kind."

- Arlene C.

"I have been recommending Dr. Orta to my friends & family and sometimes new people I meet because he has done so much for me and my 3 year old daughter. She was having pain in her back plus food allergies – she no longer has any symptoms. I was experiencing serious fatigue and Dr. Orta has helped me get my system back in balance. The amazing thing is, when I saw my other doctors to address a few different issues where I suspected I was having problems, none of them had any answers or simply said I was fine. Dr. Orta not only found & diagnosed the problems, but also supplied the right supplements that make me feel like a new person. I wish everyone could see Dr. Orta and get the help that we did. We’ve had a better quality of life."

- Stacy L.

"Dr. Orta was the first person to ever mention that I had an intolerance to gluten. He also was the first doctor to tell me I didn’t have to live with pain. Less than 30 days after my first visit I had already alleviated a good deal of my pain and increased my energy level by quite a bit. By simply eliminating gluten from my diet and doing several small, simple things that the doctor suggested I am on my way to feeling better. When I first visited his office I was plagued with abdominal bloating and knots all along the bottom of my back. Well, the bloating is gone and the knots are almost non-existent. I know I will continue to improve."

- Audrey C.

"Every muscle & organ in my body hurt when I went to see Dr. Orta. I found out most of the foods I was eating were causing inflammation. I cannot have dairy products, egg yolks or almonds. My diet consisted of all these foods. I am on several digestive supplements & enzymes. In the past 2 weeks my body has shown a lot of improvement. My bladder & intestines were major issues. Normally I had to urinate more than four times every night. That has been cut to one to two now. I have started sweating which I never did before. I can see consistent improvement with the treatment Dr. Orta prescribed."

- Arlene C.

"Dr. Orta has been treating me for several years for a number of different problems. I am now being treated for Leaky Gut Syndrome which is not easy to treat. He has amazing knowledge, and the patience of Job with me, and I'm sure of all his patience. We are making great strides in getting the "leaks" repaired. I would highly recommend him in any situation. This has been a tough situation, but I can see the finish line. Blessings to you for your patience and gentle care."

-Dee H.

"This letter is long overdue. For about 15 years now, you have treated me for various conditions: pain in my back, pain in my neck and shoulders and stomach problems. It is not exaggerated to say that you are truly used by the creator to be a healer. Your profound knowledge of the human body and its functioning, your willingness to keep on learning and using new treatments is highly commendable. I just wish there were two of you and one could be in Miami, because I talk about you to all the people I come in contact with. At a time when it is difficult to find a good physician who is interested in his patients, you embody the caring and attentive practitioner who wants the best for his patients. Thank you for all your loving care and concern for individuals. May God continue to grant you His wisdom to care and encourage your patients."

- Suzanne B.

"I had a sore foot that was bothering me for years. The pain became so bad that I could barely walk. After the first visit I felt improvement on my foot. Now it's gone. Also the ladies in the office are very friendly. Thank you Dr. Orta and his ladies."

- Rick A.

"After two nights of sleeplessness, due to pain in my back, I called Dr. Orta. Within 45 minutes of Dr. Orta's various treatments including essential oils, I was pain free. He is a healer."

- Claudia P.

"Dr. Orta, You do good work, thank you! I am very grateful for sure."

- Elliot F.

"For several years I have been dealing with back pain and, this past year, my left leg and right shoulder also began having issues. During this time I would say that my quality of life was poor. I tried pain management (shots in my back) and physical therapy but was unable to get any lasting relief. I have never had a treatment such as Dr Orta offers - I can now move my right arm much farther without pain and my back and left leg rarely have any pain - I'm finally able to do things again! It is so wonderful to be able to walk around a store, walk out to my mailbox to get my mail, weed my garden, clean my home, play with my dogs - it's wonderful to feel well again! Thanks Dr Orta."

- JoAnn S.

"I have been suffering with back & neck pain for many years, also Lyme Disease, and have been dealing with much discomfort. Since coming to Dr Orta I have been experiencing a lot less pain. Discomfort went down soon after treatment. Dr Orta is very informative and easy to talk to. He uses pressure points, stretching & manual flexing to relieve discomfort of joints & muscles. He has greatly helped lessen the discomfort from my Lyme disease."

- Marylin O.

"Dr. Orta is a very compassionate health care provider who looks at each individual as a total functioning system. He is a committed healer who truly cares about each person who enters his office."

- Jane H.

"Dr. Orta is absolutely the very best in the industry. He has been blessed with a very unique gift in knowing exactly what to do to help his patients. If you want your body/system running at peak performance, Dr. Orta is the person to see. He also carries a full line of pharmaceutical grade supplements and doesn't push product on his patients. With skilled and accurate muscle testing, Dr. Orta can determine what your body needs and what would be wasteful to take."

- Karen S.

"Dr. Orta has helped our entire family! He is very compassionate and his ability to treat the whole body is like none other."

- Ginger H.

"For almost 5 years I have had severe pain from awful surgery, tried everything possible, nothing worked. I went to see Dr. Orta, I'm so glad that I did. He has been working with me, helping me reduce the pain from level 10 to level 2 or 3, I have full confidence in him making me pain free! Absolute great and caring doctor! I give him a 5 star rating, thank you Dr. Orta, God bless you."

- Wanda D.

"I have been going to Dr. Orta and have seen quite a difference in my health. I have gone from doctor to doctor for about 2-1/2 years now. Finally, I am being helped and feeling so much better. I am finally able to sleep the night through without pain keeping me awake all night. I thank God for allowing my life to cross paths with Dr. Orta. Two things really stand out with this doctor. 1.) He really cares for his patients and their well-being. 2.) He confidently goes about seeking to find an avenue of healing for each patient."

- Ethel Q.

"Dr. Orta is without a doubt not only an exceptional human being but a wonderful, thorough, caring, attentive and very knowledgeable doctor! I went into his office feeling down, experiencing a great deal of pain, fatigue, disoriented, and not altogether myself and when I left that office I was in a better mood than I had been in in a long time! I would definitely return to him if I didn't live 9 hours away. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone!"

- Omaris C.

"I have been seeing Dr. Orta for about 2 weeks now & from the very first visit he has been working magic on my body. I came in barely able to walk & in major pain from severe fibromyalgia & I left his office standing more erect, walking with more ease & having considerably less pain. After 5 visits, I am barely having pain like I was & when I do it is much more tolerable. Dr. Orta is unlike any other chiropractor I've been to (and there have been several). He is compassionate, he listens, and he truly cares about the health & welfare of his patients. I highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking relief of their medical problems, especially pain. He is an A+ in my book."

- Patricia P.

"Fantastic, Dr. Orta is highly professional, knowledgeable and great at what he does. Every time I have left his office I feel ten times better than when I walked in, my only regret is that I did not find out about him sooner."

- Kevin I.

"For 5 days I was experiencing right anterior thigh pain. The pain got worse when I lay down to sleep at night and no position seemed to relieve it. Because of the pain, I had a hard time sleeping. Dr. Orta diagnosed the issue and performed pressure point and other therapy. It has been 4 days and the pain has not returned. He has a wealth of knowledge and very quickly understood what was out of balance. He is also able to explain things well. His professional and personable approach has won my confidence in his practice. I’m very thankful and highly recommend his service "

- Alyssa B.

"Dr. Orta has helped me tremendously. I have had constant back pain for years. I can now get out of bed in the morning and feel pain free. Wendy his receptionist is great also. Thank you Dr. Orta!!"

- Rosalind S.

"Dr. Orta is highly professional, knowledgeable and great at what he does. I recommend Dr. Orta for the efficient work he did, the therapies and the exercises that he has helped me to eliminate the pain in my right and left legs. He has a wealth of knowledge and very quickly understood what was wrong. He is also able to explain things well. Dr Orta has helped relieve many of my pain. And issues. I recommend him to anyone seeking a better quality of life with less pain."

- Angel T.

"Dr. Orta has been a blessing to me. I am a nurse and up until a few months ago I walked around with pain on a daily basis for 2 years after a car accident. My initial chiropractor told me that treatment had brought me to the point of maximum improvement and I may always have pain. Now, with Dr. Orta's help, I can sit, stand, move, and sleep without pain. He treats the whole person, naturally, and as if you were his own family."

- Trish P.

"I’ve been coming here for 5 years and never had a bad experience. Dr. Orta helped me go thru my prgegnacy with absolutely no back or feet pain. My son also comes here and he absolutely loves him he calls him the “good Doctor.” I’ve had gastritis for more than 3 years and never thought of consulting with Dr. Orta would do any good so I did and guess what NO MORE gastritis! All cured naturally!! He definitely makes sure you are well and taken care of."

- Crystal D.

"As I have grown older (now just 65) my mindset was that I would just need to accept the fact I was getting older and with the older age I would have to accept the aches and pains that went with the age. I would play sports in the morning and in the afternoon all I wanted to do was lay down all afternoon to relieve the various aches and pains. After consulting with Dr. Orta and receiving treatments my mindset has changed. I now believe that the aches and pains can be substantially reduced through diet, exercise, stretching, natural supplements and the various treatments that Dr. Orta has done on me. After my initial series of treatments are completed, I plan on continuing on a monthly or bi-monthly program with Dr. Orta to maintain the progress that has been accomplished. I would highly recommend Dr. Orta to anyone who has been experiencing pain that they would like to get under control through natural means (needles and surgery are not for me)."

- John C.

"I have been feeling horrible for months (severe abdominal pain, vomiting, vertigo among other things) The Dr's ran tons of test's and they could find nothing wrong. The Conventional Medical Drs with all their machines and tests said there was nothing wrong. I knew for a fact there was something terribly wrong! A friend of mine told me her daughter had gone thru something similar and how Dr Orta helped her. I made an appointment that day to see him (which by the way is an hour from my house). He figured out what my problem was on the first visit, put me on supplements and had me change my diet and within a couple of months I feel 100% better. He is an amazing! Thank you Dr Orta for giving me my life back!!!"

- Cindy B.

"Recently I was involved in a car accident. I have received treatment in other places; however, once Dr. Orta started working on my issues; my overall pain felt much better, regained strength in my right side, and neck and midback started feeling much better (In only two visits). I wish I lived close enough to continue my treatment with Dr. Orta. However, I will be going back for another round of treatments early August. I highly recommend Dr. Orta to anyone who is suffering from any medical condition. He is very knowledgeable and cares about the overall wellbeing of his patients."

- Yordanka M.

"Having pain in lower back and legs also cluster headaches for at least six weeks. Hadn't seen a chiropractor in many years Dr. Orta was recommended by a friend. Dr. Orta put me on a treatment plan which included weekly visits and exercises that I could do at home. Dr. Orta took the time at each visit to explain why I was hurting an what he was doing to correct it. I am now feeling great the pain and the cluster headaches are gone. Dr. Orta and his staff are the best I would recommend them to anyone."

- Frank S.

"Dr. Orta adjusted me while I was pregnant. I felt a lot of relief from my back and hip pain and also felt very relaxed and at ease. He gave me a lot of helpful information. He is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and genuinely cares about his patients. I highly recommend!"

- Elizabeth B.

"Long Term Success -- About 11 years ago my head had slipped forward on my shoulders (due to an accident) instead of sitting on top my shoulders. Over the course of several month my head was re-positioned back on top of my shoulders, relieving pain and restoring good posture. 11 years later, Dr Orta's treatment has held without follow up treatments."

- Milton A.

"COMPLETE SUCCESS: I am 22 years old and was having knee pain when running. Problem was I received my Navy SEAL Challenge Contract from the Navy and was going to be leaving in a months time when the injury occurred. Considered as one of the hardest military training out there I would not stand a chance with a bad knee. After visiting 3 times a week he got my knee to 100% after multiple doctors told me just to rest for a few weeks(which I didn’t have) and chose not to help me. The staff was great and I was in and out with my knee feeling better every time. I write this now on my way to the hotel to ship out tomorrow morning and am happy as ever that I don’t have to worry about my knee and can focus on what’s to come."

- Jesse H.

"I call Dr. Orta a "Miracle Worker"! He corrected issues I've had miraculously and now is helping me maintain my health. I'm so very grateful."

- Nancy B.

"I’m so grateful that I found Dr. Orta. I had tennis elbow and if anybody has had that issue before you know how painful it is. Within 3 visits I couldn’t believe the difference and with one more visit it was gone.. Magic for sure. Dr. Orta is extremely talented in his craft. Highly recommend him for all your body’s concerns."

- Claudia M.

"I came with a serious knee injury 8 months previous. Dr. Orta did a great job finding and restoring many off line muscles and support systems and enabling me to progress forward. Dr. Orta is an excellent chiropractor familiar with many different tools and avenues of treatment. He is creative, using varied and different approaches for challenging and unique situations. He has a compassionate heart and genuinely desires to help his patients to experience normal mobility without pain. He is patient and kind to those who are not as brave as others and willing to explain and answer any question."

- Cindy Y.

"Dr. Orta is more than a chiropractor he is a holistic healer. I am fortunate to have found him. I’ve suffered with various body pains. Tingling numbness radiating through arms and hands , shoulder and neck pain for years due to Tmj and Tmd and also degenerate back disease. Dr. Orta approaches each ache and pain with determination and compassion with no hesitation to address what my body needs. I walked into Dr Orta’s office with a aid of a cane 1 month ago , now since under his care I’m no longer relying on a cane. My discomfort had me stuck with managing how to get through everyday movements With Dr Orta and his staff I am more encouraged and motivated. Thank you for giving me much needed relief ."

- Edyth G.

"I need to write this to tell you about the improvement I have made because of my last visit to your office. I have been able to go walking in the mornings and ride my bike in the evenings.I am able to get back to my activities with no pain at all. In the process of fixing my back, you also got rid of the pain in my shoulder.I sleep better,I walk better and don't live in fear that my backmay go out again any time soon. You are attentive, understanding and proficient. The best compliment I can give you is that you are truly a healer. Thank you Dr. Orta."

- Linda W.

"A very active friend of mine suggested I go to Dr. Orta for my lower back issue as he has helped her tremendously. I also have hip issues, middle back, neck and had a knee issue. After the 1st treatment, I was pain free in my buttock muscle, and the pain in my knee also vanished, and he didn't even work on my knee! After the 2nd treatment, my lower back issue I've had for many years disappeared! I(have slippage in L5 on S1 and degenerative discs). My other chiropractor helped many other areas of my body, but couldn't help my low back. So far after 2 treatments... I'm very impressed. THANK YOU DR.ORTA for being so AWESOME! I'm looking forward to a pain free happy life again!!!!"

- Renee S.

"My family has been going to Dr. Orta since I was a child and has always fit us in his busy schedule no matter the circumstance. About 5 or 6 years ago I went to him, while still in high school with bad allergy, lower back and headache problems and after multiple visits I saw MAJOR results! (I had been to several doctors/allergists and never had any success).I have been off at college for the past few years and I knew I needed to go in again while I was home. I called this afternoon, very late notice and he got me in same day. I was having pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back... needless to say I walked out feeling like a different person. We always joke that he could tell us what’s wrong before we even get the chance to!"

- Baylee E.

"I have been an athlete most of my life and have played multiple sports. I have had many injuries, too many to mention. I came to Dr. Orta because of my chronic neck pain, arthritis in my hands and pain in my hip and leg. I have been dealing with this pain for about 5 years. Dr. Orta uses lots of different methods of treatment including pulsed magnetic therapy. I have had significant amount of relief from my pain and my range of motion in my neck has gotten much better. I am looking forward to improving even more. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Orta to anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life."

- Jane H.

"I found Dr Orta in 2017 while my husband was working in Ocala for a few months. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have pretty much learned to just deal with it. I began having pain and pressure in my ears and also pain in the jaw and neck area. It was so irritating and constant. I felt like snap crackle and pop were living in my head. My very first visit to Dr Orta was... for lack of a better word...Amazing. I went in to his office miserable and left with the pain in my jaws and neck gone. Also, the constant crackling and ringing in my ears was gone. Fast forward to today and my husband is working in Jacksonville FL. I am terrible with remembering names but I was determined to find Dr Orta again since we were only 2 hours away . I looked back through old emails and was able to do just that. I had an appointment yesterday and once again I am completely amazed at the difference one visit has made in my overall quality of life. Dr Orta loves what he does. You can just sense the commitment he has to helping you. He has some equipment that is also amazing and the relief is immediately felt. He is careful to explain everything and what he is doing as he goes. I feel like my words don’t do justice to describe the work Dr Orta does but I would literally drive hours in order to get the results he delivers. It has been my experience that medical Dr’s don’t try to fix what is wrong but rather they just treat my symptoms. Dr Orta actually fixed the problem with my ears and no meds were required. He worked on other problems I had that I had just given up on . I honestly can’t say enough good things about this Dr. If you have been going to traditional Dr’s with fibromyalgia, I know you aren’t getting any relief. Give Dr Orta a try and you too will be amazed!"

- Mark M.

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