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Neuro-immune dysfunction in Ocala is a problem that many people deal with. Recent discoveries in neurology indicate the brain functions much like a battery, storing energy generated by specialized nerve cells called neuro-receptors, which are found everywhere in the body in joints, muscles, tendons, skin, and internal organs. This article about neuro-receptor facts from Healthy Living Natural Health & Pain Management is here to help provide you with information you can use to overcome your symptoms.

How Does Bio-Kinetic Reset Work in Ocala FL?

Neuro-receptors are activated and constantly stimulated through our daily activities, producing energy distributed to the rest of the body—ensuring our bodily functions are healthy. The brain's thalamus gland act as a major switchboard in this interconnected communication network.

Over time your neuro-receptors can become dysfunctional due to injuries, surgeries, illnesses, and other trauma. This trauma can cause your neuro-receptors to produce less energy and impair proper function within your body. We offer bio-kinetic resets that will restore your neuro-receptor function and improve your body's ability to thrive. This painless procedure is non-invasive and proven effective for a wide range of health issues. Learn more by contacting us today.

Are You Suffering From Neuro-Immune Dysfunction?

When your neuro-receptors are blocked or not functioning correctly, you may feel a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms that include:

  • Loss of function and mobility in your musculoskeletal system
  • Chemical, food, and environmental sensitivities
  • Electromagnetic imbalances (from computers, fluorescent lights, cellular phones, etc.)
  • Emotional dysfunction, anxiety, and phobias
  • And more!

We can help diagnose these imbalances and offer bio-kinetic treatments that will restore your sense of well-being and improve your body's functions. Get the quality of life you crave and overall body wellness by scheduling an appointment with us today.

Integrated Neuro-Receptor Treatments

Your brain retains muscle memory of past traumas and, over time, can build up rote dysfunctions and inabilities to effectively repair itself. Our bio-kinetic resets allow your body to erase these traumatic neuro-memories and function more effectively. By clearing these stress responses and eliminating your reactive stress, you'll find you recover from day to day injuries and stress more quickly while having improved emotional well-being.

Give your body and mind reliable stress relief by contacting our chiropractic team in Ocala today and get started on your journey back to health.

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