5 Questions Your Pain Management Doctor May Ask at Your First Visit in Ocala FL

5 Questions Your Pain Management Doctor
May Ask at Your First Visit in Ocala

Chronic Pain Ocala FL Questions Doctor May Ask

Dr. Pedro Orta shares the most important questions your doctor in Ocala will most likely ask you on your first visit to their clinic. Read this article and be prepared for your visit.

What Will a Pain Management Doctor Ask to Determine Treatment in Ocala?

Pain management doctors work closely with their patients to get to know as much as possible about their symptoms. This helps them take a comprehensive approach to alleviate pain and make a meaningful difference in the quality of life of everyone they provide care for. During your first visit, here are some of the most important questions your doctor may ask.

Can you describe the type of pain you’re having?

If you can describe the pain in as much detail as possible, it can further help your doctor come to an accurate diagnosis. For example, radiating pain and pins-and-needles feelings could indicate an issue with a nerve, whereas swelling and persistent achiness in the joints could be due to an inflammatory condition, such as arthritis.

How often do you feel pain?

One of the goals of pain management is to reduce the amount of time you’re experiencing pain as well as its severity. People who feel pain most of the day may need a more aggressive approach encompassing tactics like laser therapy and spinal decompression. Patients whose flare-ups are less frequent might be able to start with just one treatment, such as performing guided exercises.

Is it worse at certain times?

An understanding of when your pain flares up allow doctors to develop an effective pain management plan. If you feel back pain after being on your feet all day, it could be possible that a simple solution like foot orthotics could provide you with better support and reduced discomfort.

Does anything relieve the pain?

Understanding what works to alleviate your pain will also provide insight as to what could be causing it. Another goal of pain management is to address the root cause and not just the symptom. For example, if taking an anti-inflammatory medication, such as ibuprofen, alleviates your pain, this could suggest you have an inflammatory injury.

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