What Causes Neck Pain in Ocala FL

What Causes Neck Pain in Ocala?

Chronic Pain Ocala FL Causes of Neck Pain

Dr. Pedro Orta explains the most frequent causes of neck pain in Ocala. Keep reading to find out more from the perspective of a chiropractor.

5 Common Sources of Neck Pain in Ocala

The neck is a sensitive area of your body, so it's a frequent focus of medical treatments and pain management techniques. Although the neck can often be healed, you may wonder what makes it necessary. Whether it's for your own curiosity or to prevent it altogether, learn the most frequent reasons why neck pain becomes a problem.

Poor Posture

The neck muscles may be overstretched by improper posture. When standing or sitting, straighten the spine and align the shoulders with the hips.

Keep computer monitors at eye level, and avoid hunching over books, smartphones, and other items you read. When talking on the phone, hold it in your hand or use a headset or speakerphone rather than tucking it between the shoulder and ear.


Car accidents often cause whiplash and other injuries that damage the neck muscles. Severe slips and falls may tear the muscles as well. Age and wear on the spine can also lead to nerve compression and slipped discs in the neck with one slightly strenuous twist or movement. See a doctor if the discomfort, numbness, or tingling radiates down the back and legs.


Defined as teeth grinding, many people experience unconscious bruxism in their sleep and while awake. Since it harms your teeth and strains your muscles, it may cause the need for pain management solutions for the neck. Ask a doctor or dentist about treatment options, like getting a nighttime mouthguard.

Medical Condition

Meningitis is characterized by inflammation in the fluid in your brain and spinal cord, leading to a stiff or rigid neck. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other kinds of joint inflammation can cause neck pain too, especially as the joints deteriorate.

Poor Sleep Quality

The neck needs support while sleeping, or its muscles will get stressed. If the pillow is too thick, you'll stretch the muscles for hours, causing lasting soreness when you wake. Instead, use a flatter pillow or one with built-in neck support.

You should also sleep on your back or side to keep pressure off the neck muscles.

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